Flood Damage Inspections

Flood Damage Inspections Houston

Flood damage inspections Houston, Corpus Christi, Beaumont. New Orleans. Lafayette Louisiana; Tampa; Clearwater, Naples Melbourne and surrounding areas are provided by pexperienced engineers from EMA. We protect yourself and our client from the unique challenges posted by flood –damaged buildings.

Hazards in and around flood damage inspections Houston & New Orleans, Louisiana of buildings:

septic system collapse;
trip-and-fall injuries;
structural collapse;
fire and explosions;
toxic sludge and materials containing waterborne bacteria; and
electrical shock hazards.

EMA Inspects following during flood damage inspections Houston :

Inspect the flood damaged building exterior for downed power lines and gas leaks. Gas leaks will smell like rotten eggs. If you suspect a gas leak. contact the utility company immediately.
While entering the building, see if the door sticks at the top. If it does. this could mean that the ceiling is ready to collapse. After you open the door. stand outside the doorway clear of any falling debris.
Wear sturdy. treaded boots. According to the American Red Cross. the most common injury following a disaster is cut feet. Broken bottles. nails lass. and other dangerous debris may litter the floor. and stairs may be very slippery

Flood Damage Inspections Houston.

Why Choose EMA Engineers?

We Have the Fastest Response Times to All Sizes of Disasters: We are dedicated to immediate responses to Houston and corpus christi Water Damage Inspection disasters. Remember — the faster you get the water removed, the less damage your property will undergo — and the more money you will save.

We Have the Best Water Damage Specialists in the Area: We specialize in Water Damage Inspection by engineers and have the experience it takes to recover your property as soon as possible. Our staff has extensive Water Damage Inspection training.

The Process of Flood Damage Inspections

Every Water Damage situation is unique; we offer the right solution for every job. However, it may help you to understand our standard restoration process. These 6 steps demonstrate how we address a typical Water Damage situation.

Step 1: You Make Emergency Contact with Our Staff
Step 2: We Inspect Your Property and Assess the Damage
We assess structural damages to your property and send you and engineering report done by an engineer.

Common Flood Damage Scenarios

Anything from a loose appliance hose to a major disaster can cause Water Damage. Regardless of the cause, MTA engineers can perform a flood or water damage inspection and find the cause and origin in any water damage situation:

Storm and flood damage.

Water damage from faulty plumbing; appliances; water heaters. etc.

Tornado and thunderstorm flooding

Overflow from sinks, toilets, and bathtubs

Home damage from flooded basements

Hurricane and tropical storm damage