• Project Name: Structural Condition Surveys
  • Client: Digital Creative
  • Location: Surveys
  • Year Completed: 2017
  • Value: $1M
  • Links: www.emaengineers.com
  • Architect: Emaengineers Team

Structural Condition Surveys

Structural condition surveys or Property Condition Assessment, otherwise known as a Due Diligence Inspection, or structural engineering condition survey is a physical evaluation of an existing building’s systems, components and site improvements.

lt typically includes items such as site characteristics, structure, roof, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fireflife safety, and access and egress. Most commonly, a Property Condition Assessment is perfomwed prior to a real estate transaction for commercial property. We utilize the ASTM Standard E2018-99 as a guideline for conducting Property Condition Assessments.

EMA Consulting Engineers is committed to providing our clients with detailed, impartial reports which are certified by Registered Professional Engineers.

We provide a full range of structural condition surveys and inspection services including:

  • Structural engineering assessment
  • Roof inspections & studies
  • Construction I Building Defects
  • Commercial Construction Monitoring I
  • Demolition and Plans Review
  • Construction Draw Inspections
  • Facility Asset Management

Based on our expertise and the results of each component inspection for exteriors, interiors, exits, roofing, cladding and structural plans, we prepare an easy to understand condition assessment report for the developers, condominium associations and other clients.

A Condition Survey provides an assessment of physical property conditions. The survey should identify deficiencies, and maintenance issues including, but not limited to structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, site layout, site utilities, storm water management, soil erosion and life safety systems. To facilitate an informed decision making process a Condition Survey should result in a clear understanding of the cu|Tent condition of operating systems by a Client. The extent of a Condition Survey can vary depending upon the Client’s need for information. Staring with a visual observation of existing conditions to periodic monitoring and testing of building and site systems, the Condition Survey can be summarized in a one-page letter or prepared in a bound report complete with test results, calculations, detailed narrative and photographs. So that the Engineer(s), Client and other interested parties have a clear understanding of the requested services, the report should state the purpose and scope of the survey. Depending upon the amount of infomation required by the Client, Condition Surveys can be classified as preliminary or detailed surveys.

A Detailed Condition Survey ln a detailed Condition Survey, on-site interviews, maintenance history review, review of local municipal records, code compliance research, testing of operating systems, design and performance criteria definition, load capacity calculations and preparation of schematic drawings are generally areas addressed in the findings and recommendations report. The report should also address immediate, mid-term and long-term needs. In addition to the obvious benefit of knowing the current condition and potential renovations and for upgrade costs for a specific property, there are more benefits. If you are a Property Owner, with a completed Condition Survey, you have a document that clearly defines property conditions at a specific point in time. Should a claim be filed against the property owner as the result of an allegedly defective operating system, the Condition Survey serves as a benchmark to analyze alleged deficiencies. Ambiguity is removed from the investigative process, and that usually results in cost saving for all involved parties.