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Building Condition Surveys

EMA structural engineers perform Building condition surveys for commercial, office buildings, condominium projects etc., also   known as a Due   Diligence     Inspection,     or structural   engineering   condition   survey. These are physical   evaluation   of an existing   building’s systems,   components   and site improvements. Building condition surveys typically   includes items such as site characteristics, structure,   roof, mechanical,     electrical,   plumbing,   fire/life safety, and access   and egress.   Most commonly building condition surveys   are performed prior to a real estate transaction   for commercial   property. EMA Structural & Forensic engineers utilizes the ASTM Standard E2018-99     as a guideline   for conducting     Property Condition   Assessments.

EMA   has structural   Engineers  committed   to providing     our clients   with detailed,     impartial   reports   which   are certified   by   Registered   Professional Engineers. Our structural engineers and forensic engineers are experienced in performing building condition surveys for commercial, office, and industrial buildings.

We provide   a full range of inspection   services   including:

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  • Building condition survey

  • Roof inspections   & studies
  • Construction Building Defects
  • Commercial Construction Monitoring
  • Demolition and Plans Review
  • Construction Draw Inspections
  • Facility Asset Management
  • Structural engineers assessment
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    EMA provides building condition assessment, structural engineering drawings and services for residential and commercial structures, fire damage inspections orlando, fire damage inspections tampa, fire damage inspections

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